POS Billing Software for Retail and Super Markets Chennai

Dextra Technologies is where you’ll find everything you need for managing your retail merchandise. It’s an advanced point-of-sale (POS) retail billing software in Chennai.

Dextra Technologies’ Retail Billing Software caters to shop owners, cashiers/salespeople, and customers alike. With its user-friendly and straightforward approach, you’ll gain a competitive advantage in the expanding POS retail billing software market.

Dextra Technologies offers various features like POS Billing, Retail Billing Software, Inventory Management, Purchase and Sales Tracking, and Stock Management. It serves as both POS Software and Retail Billing Management Software.

The POS Retail Billing Software Management brings innovation to mid-sized and large agile retailers. Using the latest technology and integrated hardware, our retail billing offers a smooth shopping experience for customers.

Having full control over inventory, suppliers, and the point of sale, ec Bill simplifies retail management and keeps the business on track.

Running a business smoothly is essential, from well-maintained transactions to sales year comparisons and important alerts. Dextra Technologies’ POS Software is designed to precisely address the needs of individual shops or retail chains. It’s easily adaptable to different customer requirements and business types.

In Dextra Technologies’ POS Software, managing transactions and inventory is straightforward. It gives alerts for low-stock items or items nearing expiration.

This software makes inventory control simpler using cash registers and provides unique reporting features that enhance business management.

Using Dextra Technologies’ POS Software, you can compare current sales with previous financials or make party-to-party comparisons. This helps you get valuable insights for improving your business.

With 100+ support centers offering both online and onsite assistance, our software serves over 200,000 customers from various fields worldwide. Through clear sales services and excellent customer satisfaction, we pave the way to success.

Ways to Utilize Retail Billing POS Software for Your Business.

Here are a few industries that can use POS Software to scale business.

Supermarket Fruits & Vegetables

Groceries & Departmental Stores

Pharma & Healthcare

Supermarket Fruits & Vegetables

Electrical & Electronics

Lifestyle & Fashion

Specialized Retail

Medical Shop Billing Software

Garments Billing Software

Features Of Retail Billing Pos Software

Quick Checkout: A good retail POS software should streamline the checkout. Sales staff should complete transactions without much manual workConsider a new POS software if there’s still too much manual work.

Effortless Inventory Tracking: A POS should simplify inventory management. You should track all store info from transactions to purchases. This makes ordering from vendors easier, saving time on re-order calculations.

Customer Information: An effective POS can turn customer data into useful insights. For example, it helps the purchasing team understand which products customers buy often. This helps in smarter order placement. The data also aids the customer relations team in creating a successful loyalty program, boosting long-term sales.

Automatic Ordering System: A reliable POS simplifies supplier connections. If a store is low on a key product, the Automated Purchasing Program swiftly contacts suppliers and orders the needed amount.
Multiple Locations and Mobility: A good POS should offer online access, letting you connect to your business from anywhere. This is especially useful for franchises and businesses with multiple locations.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance: Having a PCI-compliant POS protects customers’ credit card information. In this way, you can gain customer trust. Without this, a business might face legal problems.

Reporting Features: Every Retail POS needs easy-to-use reporting tools. These should store data like product styles, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales, as well as hourly transactions.

Why does your business require Retail Billing POS Software?

Invoice Customers Without Installing POS Software: Save working capital by avoiding frequent software updates.

Prevent time wastage due to data conflicts between servers. Track inventory swiftly from purchase to sale. Get crucial business reports 24/7 with web-based POS software.

Benefits of POS

No matter your business size, a Point-of-sale (POS) system aids in managing operations better, simplifying and enhancing efficiency.

Remove Mistakes

Speed Up Transactions

Precise Records

Handle Stock



If you need a personalized software solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (+91) 44-48648848 or (+91) 73972-61418. 

You may also reach us via email at sales@dev.dextratechnologies.in, where you can share your specific requirements. We will promptly get in touch with you.


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